Operation Green Sweep

200 agents, 686 Plants seized.

“Feds on prowl for marijuana” Sun Journal – Aug 3, 1990

In the operation, which ended today, the guardsmen and agents from the Bureau of Land Management and the Drug Enforcement Administration destroyed 1,200 plants producing potent sinsemilla marijuana and seized five tons of equipment used to maintain the remote ”guerrilla gardens.” No arrests of suspected marijuana growers were reported.

“Military Takes Part in Drug Sweep And Reaps Criticism and a Lawsuit” New York Times – August 10, 1990

This policy is wrong. The craving for mind-altering substances is as basic to humans as the need for food, sleep and sex. It cannot be legislated away, and armies cannot smash it.

“Legalize Drugs The Solution is Worse than the Problem” San Francisco Examiner – August 12, 1990

The examiner is now an internet news hub and contemporary federal marijuana raids don’t employ a mere 200 agents.


One Response to Operation Green Sweep

  1. Randy says:

    Hmmmm….682 divided by 16 equals 42 plants per raid.
    Pretty good odds, if you ask me.

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