Proposition 19 3D Animation

October 23, 2010

100 dollar fine


Tim Lincecum in the Philadelphia Inquirer

October 23, 2010

Let Tim Smoke

Tim Lincecum Arbitrates Heady Salary

January 20, 2010

The San Francisco giants passed Tim Lececum an offer today of $8 million to play next year in the SFC. Tim Lincecum didn’t bogart the offer very long and requested the Giants pony up $13 million. Earlier, higher up in a Seattle court appearance, Tim Lincecum had blown five bills on a slice of hooter.

I don’t expect the Giants’ next offer to be bammer considering Lincecum’s pinner salary of $650,000 last season. Unlike power-hitters, great pitchers like Lincecum are capable of steamrolling the competition. Pack two Cy Young Awards on top and the Giants are looking at a dank deal hooking up with Lincecum again. A budding star like Lincecum cannot be shorted while he is still pitching fire.

Operation Green Sweep

January 18, 2010

200 agents, 686 Plants seized.

“Feds on prowl for marijuana” Sun Journal – Aug 3, 1990

In the operation, which ended today, the guardsmen and agents from the Bureau of Land Management and the Drug Enforcement Administration destroyed 1,200 plants producing potent sinsemilla marijuana and seized five tons of equipment used to maintain the remote ”guerrilla gardens.” No arrests of suspected marijuana growers were reported.

“Military Takes Part in Drug Sweep And Reaps Criticism and a Lawsuit” New York Times – August 10, 1990

This policy is wrong. The craving for mind-altering substances is as basic to humans as the need for food, sleep and sex. It cannot be legislated away, and armies cannot smash it.

“Legalize Drugs The Solution is Worse than the Problem” San Francisco Examiner – August 12, 1990

The examiner is now an internet news hub and contemporary federal marijuana raids don’t employ a mere 200 agents.

Tim Lincecum wins second straight Cy Young

November 19, 2009

Sports writers have awarded the San Francisco Giants’ Tim Lincecum a 2nd Cy Young award. Meanwhile, the SF Chronicle reports that a judge in Clark County, Washington will not sign Lincecum’s plea deal for his cannabis possession case unless Lincecum appears in court. Perhaps the judge wants the autograph of a two-time Cy Young award winner?


No news is not news (the Trin)

November 2, 2009

L.A. Times reporter Alana Semuels’ article Marijuana growers upend hard-luck California town was published in today’s Los Angeles Times. The article — with help from an unrelated Kevin Hoover quote — misrepresents Hayfork with descriptions such as “The hardscrabble Northern California town has become a hotbed for medical marijuana farming.”

The news from the Trinity Journal which surely drew the attention of the L.A. Times report is of an attempted murder case which was also reported in the Record-Searchlight.

The L.A. Times article does not mention that Trinity County has been in the national news several times during the previous 29 years. Trinity County has been frequently misrepresented by cannabis-related sensationalism and this article is no exception. I have already posted two semi-tabloid articles describing the situation in Trinity County dating as far back as 1980: State pledges to continue war on marijuana growers and Guerrilla tactics used in marijuana war. Today’s L.A. Times article could have been printed 20 years ago if the words “medical marijuana” were replaced with “sinsemilla.”

The Green State

October 25, 2009

“Pot farmers just aren’t what they used to be” The Ledger – Oct 10, 1982 (part 1)

“Pot farmers just aren’t what they used to be” The Ledger – Oct 10, 1982 (part 2)

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